TREAT's Advanced Reporting Module

TREAT features an advanced reporting module, called Synthesis, that is based on the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Platform. Synthesis enables the measurement of outcomes through its analytical power.

Key Features

Clinical Cubes

Using Microsoft Reporting Tools, multi-dimensional cubes can enable key individuals such as your Decision Support staff to conduct ad hoc queries and design their own standard reports.

Integration with Cognos, Crystal Reports

Synthesis features standardized reporting models that can be used to develop cubes using other tools, such as Cognos or Crystal Reports.

Organization Specific Canned Reports

With Microsoft Reporting Tools and access to the SQL relational database, your organization can develop custom “Canned” reports and make them available to end-users via TREAT.

User-defined Filters and Drill-down Capability

Users can easily define a set of parameters to filter report data (i.e. unit, service, dates, etc.) and even drill-down on specific elements within the report.

Versatile output formats

Synthesis allows you to export reports in versatile formats, including: XML, CSV, PDF, HTML, MHTML, Microsoft Excel, TIFF, and Microsoft Word. All Synthesis reports are also printer-friendly.

A series of charting reports are also available in TREAT.

Audit Log

The audit log allows managers, administrators and privacy officers to display user activity and audit trails. The audit log features filterable fields by date, user, and client.


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