Built-in Data Submission Modules

TREAT includes value-add submission module components for many standardized mandated assessments, offering advanced functionality to simplify submission processes for your clinical team. Error summaries are generated at the time of submission compilation with 1-click functionality for correction, assessment filtering ensures accurate and secure data submission.

To ensure continuing compliance with evolving standards and regulations TREAT implements an innovative versioning solution. Our solution ensures submission standards are seamlessly integrated into the software without any data degradation. At any point in time a new assessment will follow current reporting standards, while archived assessments will maintain the standards that were in place when they were completed. As questions are often removed or modified from assessments by regulatory bodies in yearly updates, TREAT's versioning preserves data integrity, and ensures archived data is not affected by new changes. The user continues to use the system as usual while specifications are automatically handled accordingly.

Like many other components of the software, TREAT's data submission modules are designed with a fully customizable user interface.


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