Interdisciplinary Care Planning

TREAT's Interdisciplinary Plan of Client Care (IPCC) is at the core of the Clinical Documentation Suite, providing a client-centric view of all issues that are actively being worked on across varying domains of care while also providing a record of previously identified issues, goals, and interventions.

The IPCC gives organizations the ability to do electronic, multi-disciplinary care planning using relevant data triggered by assessment results as an initial Care Plan. This functionality reduces effort, possible translation errors, and ensures that the areas of concern for clients are being recorded and addressed, and can be customized to align with your organization's specific parameters. Clinicians can then build upon the Care Plan, adding new issues, goals, and interventions updated though Progress Notes integration, manual Care Plan updates, or new assessment results.

TREAT's Care Plan is a living document that truly centers on client care and effectively lends itself to use by an interdisciplinary team of care givers.


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