Reviews You Can Trust

TREAT prides itself in having a unique software development approach that centers on user involvement throughout the development cycle. Rather than interviewing users at various superficial points, TREAT involves users from start to finish, giving them the opportunity to provide criticism, suggest enhancements, design new functionality, and even change existing functions. This has enabled TREAT to develop into a product that is very user friendly and packed with useful features.

The user satisfaction rates for TREAT are exceptionally high. We have included a few recent testimonials below.

Implementation & Customer Support

“I have had the great pleasure of working with H.I.Next on the implementation of the RAI-MH and now on the implementation of the OCAN. I have always found the staff to be most helpful, not only with the implementation process but with the ongoing support as well. Staff are quick to respond to questions and work with you to find appropriate resolutions. It is reassuring from my end to know that the support and guidance are always there when needed.”

Karen Beckett, RN, Clinical Informatics Specialist and RAI/OCAN Coordinator, Royal Victoria Hospital

Product Functionality

"With so many sites across the country involved in one study, TREAT is an invaluable, effective, time-saving solution to controlling and collecting large quantities of data from various sources. It created for us a single secure database accessible to everyone, thus eliminating the need to have data shipped between sites or having to merge several sites' databases into one. Clinicians now have access to timely up-to-date data.

What is also impressive about TREAT are the built in data management features that support data accuracy, reduces the possibility of duplicate records, tracks the status of all assessments, indicates which assessments have yet to be filled out, provides automatic scoring and takes into account missing data. Investing in such a system not only results in more precisely recorded data but also in the long run result in savings in cost and time."

Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Science Centre

"With the advent of the New York Health Home program and its evolving requirements; our search for an integrated solution was daunting.  We knew we’d found our solution during our very first demonstration of TREAT.  It is highly intuitive, easy to navigate, and offers unique functionality that we hadn’t seen in any other system.  The implementation was very quick and thorough. The TREAT team was great to work with and made sure that all our requirements were met. Our clinicians are now happily able to document in a tool that fits with their workflow!  Providing a high quality of care for our clients whose array of needs are complex, has been made quite easy with TREAT."

Ricardo Santiago, Director of Information Systems, Village Care

Integrated Approach

"[This is] true integration of many clinical applications into a single tab. One click and you have available a patient profile including diagnoses, recent lab results, current medications, legal status… this truly is real EHR (Electronic Health Record). This fundamentally enhances simplicity and safety."

Dr. Ian Swayze, Psychiatrist, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health