Optimal Accessibility & Security

TREAT can be securely provided as a SaaS/ASP model; hosted on a public network such as the internet or cloud platform. Monthly or annual subscriptions are available for accessing TREAT online through the cloud.

This version of TREAT is perfect for small organizations or individual clinicians who do not have the capacity to support the entire TREAT infrastructure within their organization, or simply do not wish to take it on. All hardware and software resources required to support TREAT are managed by the TREAT team. Network security, data security and integrity, and system management are all benefits of a SaaS/ASP model. The hosted model also offers optimal accessibility to users, by allowing users to access TREAT virtually from anywhere.

Hosted TREAT is available over secured HTTP protocol with three layer login authentication and password formatting, with expiration rules that can be tailored to your organization's policies.

The hosted TREAT model is a secure, cost-effective and efficient solution for both organizations and private practices.

Note: TREAT is also available in a customer-hosted (Enterprise) model if desired. Please contact us for more information.


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