An EHR and Care Coordination Platform Built for Behavioral Health Providers

TREAT serves the unique needs of behavioral healthcare in a constantly evolving health care industry. TREAT’s platform supports a variety of provider environments, including outpatient, inpatient, and day program, and offers a unique solution  for integrated care delivery and care coordination among multiple providers.

TREAT is the clear choice for an EHR system among behavioral health providers. Explore below to learn why…

Coordinated Care Shield
Coordinated Care & Better Outcomes

Seamlessly integrated Assessment Tools, Interdisciplinary Care Planning, and Progress Notes.

Health Home Model
Health Home Solutions

Suite of tools and interface layers to manage care and meet the complex needs of Health Homes and Accountable Care Organizations.

Easy-to-use, Intuitive System

Intuitive navigation with minimal clicks and integrated data flow to save you time.

Cloud/Hosted Environment

Secure, cost effective, fast & reliable hosting.

Electronic Health Record System
Core EHR Functionality

Client Registration, Admission, Discharge, Transfer, Referrals, Waitlist, Scheduling, & more.

Assessment Tool Paper
Clinical Assessment Tools

Conduct, submit, and automatically score assessments; choose from a vast catalogue of over 120 tools.

Clinical Reports Checklist
Reporting & Analytics

Interpret assessment results, manage staff productivity, and measure client outcomes with our advanced reporting system.

Lock Icon
Administration & Security

Most advanced administration, security, privacy and consent management functionality available in the marketplace today.

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