Monitoring and Managing the Risks of Metabolic Syndrome

TREAT’s award winning Metabolic Health Monitor is a simple and effective monitoring tool which aids clinicians in recognizing and treating metabolic abnormalities in patients with serious mental illness. Patients on antipsychotic medication have an increased risk of weight gain, diabetes and heart disease due to the metabolic side-effects of their treatment. The Metabolic Health Monitor tracks and monitors key metabolic risk markers in these patients, including: 

  • Personal history
  • Weight gain
  • BMI
  • Blood pressure
  • Laboratory results (glucose, lipid values, etc.)
Metabolic Health Monitor scoring page
Weight Comparison
Scoring Comparison Report

When a Metabolic assessment is completed the data is scored and risk factors are identified and automatically entered into the client’s Care Plan. Clinicians can immediately address the risk factors using built-in best practices without having to manually score and transcribe issues from the assessment.

The direct results of the Metabolic Health Monitor are improved patient care and health promotion.


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